We   like   a   challenge   at   The   Little   Bookcase   Company   ~   If   it   can   be made   from   wood,   then   we   can   probably   do   it!   Some   unusual   items we   have   made   in   the   past   are   illustrated   here.   Interior   design   items, architectural   pieces,   fireplaces,   sheds,   outbuildings,   garden   studios are   all   grist   to   the   mill.   If   there’s   something   unusual   or   interesting you         want         made,         give         us         a         call         or         email greg@corneliusclifford.com   we   can   produce   designs   and   scale line drawings if required.
A faux stone fireplace made from pine!
An exotic puppet theatre, made from plywood; breaks down into sections
Simple bespoke shelving painted to look like a ‘Harry Potter’ set
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